Occasionally, a glove's leather breaks because it loses its elasticity and the laces pull through and tear the hole open.  Do not worry, your glove still has many years of life ahead!
Please contact me and send some pictures of the area for a

Darrell's Glove Relacing

"Restoring Life to the Glove You Love!"


Most of the time, your glove needs a little TLC over its lifetime.  One lace or a section, like the web, might snap making your ability to play the game you love difficult.  Send it to me and I will return that section to original factory quality and get your glove back into playing shape quickly.  Contact me for a quote.

The complete relace includes your choice of available
colors, and the following sections of the glove: fingers, web, thumb and pinky sections, heal and wrist strap. 

You can choose from 1, 2, or 3 color combinations.  Contact me for a quote.

​Tel: 814.490.2376

Serving the Cape Coral, Ft. Myers and Naples, FL areas!

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